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Lakota is a very dark sable like her sire Ledgend.   She is a medium mal gal weighing 48 lbs. Don't let her size fool you, her work ethic is unbelievable with intense focus, high ball and hunt drive.
She is the backbone of our Search Team. Lakota has been instrumental in working HRD (human remains detection) cold cases, assisting Law Enforcement Agencies in actual cases.
Has participated in numerous searches and has found entire bodies or remains.
She passed her NOCDS evaluation receiving her certificate in Land Cadaver (HRD) 2007.  USPCA certified Feb 2011, Highland Canine certified June 2012 HRD.


march 2009


American Eurocopter-Issue 3, 2008
   Our Columbus facility was recently visited by two very important members of the Golden Triangle community, GTR   K-9 Search Team founder Kathy Doty and her highly skilled  K-9, Lakota. Established in 2000, the GTR K-9 Search Team is a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization.                         "Coincidentally, just as American Eurocopter's Light Utility Helicopter, the UH-72A Lakota, will be used by the U.S. Army as a search and rescue resource(among other duties), I too, utilize the same resource in my K-9 Lakota,"says Mrs. Doty" and I consider them "Partners in Service".
Following a visit to South Dakota in 2005, the name Lakota was chosen as a mark of Mrs. Doty's respect for the great Sioux nation.
  Lakota, a three-year-old Belgian Malinois, is the first K-9 in this area to be trained and certified in Human Remains Detection (HRD). Along with her kennelmates, one certified in Mantrailing, two training HRD, she has been instrumental in assisting the EMA, 911 and Law enforcement, not only in the Golden Traingle, but throughout the state of Mississippi. 

Lakota with US Army HR-72 Lakota Helicopter
february 2008

march 2009

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